Dermer Dreams

Neighborhood Captains New York


Thank you for registering to be a Neighborhood Captain!

Please review the How it Works and Go To Guide that will answer your questions.

Your Dermer Dreams package will arrive two weeks before the food drive that will include 50 Dermer Dreams donation bags and flyers.

Start thinking about the best strategy to fill your bags and collect as much food as possible.

Forward the attached information to your friends. If they need hours, recruit them as a Neighborhood Captain.

We are thrilled to have you on the Dermer Dreams team. Together we Fight Hunger…One Bag At  A Time. 

You will receive confirmation via email with this information.

Please review the Dermer Dreams’ Release & Waiver.

New York Drop Sites

Please watch your email for information about the New York drop site and instructions.

Strategies To Help You Create Your Own Food Drive:


  • Text family and friends who live nearby to request they fill up one or more bags.
  • Raise money through Venmo to go shopping to fill a portion of your bags.
  • Distribute bags to people in your community.
  • Request for bags to be filled at a supermarket or any similar place.
  • Give out bags in front of a supermarket and ask if people will fill the bag.
  • Include a personal note inside the bag about why you want to help people who are hungry.
  • Offer personal pick-up times where someone can text you to pick up their bag.


Be Creative and Design the best strategy for you!


See how this student used Venmo to fill bags!