Dermer Dreams

Neighborhood Captain Program

Empowering Students to Fight Hunger…One Bag at a Time.

Dermer Dreams provides high school students a streamlined platform along with the supplies and support to run their own successful food drive.

Students receive 50 Dermer Dreams donation bags and create a strategy to fill as many bags as possible. 

Upon completion of the program, students earn 10 Hours of Community Service.

Check out below How it Works & Strategies to Consider.

It is too late to sign up for the May food drive.

Sign up below for Saturday, November 2, 2024.

Watch this video – it will answer all of your questions about the Neighborhood Captain Program.

How It Works

Earn 10 Community Service Hours!

Create & Manage your own food drive.

  • Students sign up as a Neighborhood Captain.
  • Dermer Dreams delivers 50 donation bags to the Captain 2 weeks before the food drive.
  • The Captain creates their strategy and distributes the donation bags one week before the food drive.
  • On the date of the food drive, the student, along with a parent or adult over 18, pick up the donations and deliver them to the Dermer Dreams drop site.
  • Upon delivery, the Captain receives a certificate for 10 Hours of Community Service


It is the Neighborhood Captain’s job to manage the program from start to finish.

Strategies To Help You Create Your Own Food Drive:


  • Text family and friends who live nearby to request they fill up one or more bags.
  • Raise money through Venmo to go shopping to fill a portion of your bags.
  • Distribute bags to people in your community.
  • Request for bags to be filled at a supermarket or any similar place.
  • Give out bags in front of a supermarket and ask if people will fill the bag.
  • Include a personal note inside the bag about why you want to help people who are hungry.
  • Offer personal pick-up times where someone can text you to pick up their bag.


Be Creative and Design the best strategy for you!


See how this student used Venmo to fill bags!