Dermer Dreams

When I was a little boy, I went with my Mom to a place where there were a lot of elderly people. I think I was eight years old.  My mother was working all day preparing and serving food to all of the elderly people.  I had no idea what she was doing as a young boy.

After a while of me standing in the corner, one of the elderly men walked over to me and said, son, do you know what your mother is doing?  I answered no.  He explained to me that she invited all of the people to come to this place today so they could get out of the nursing home and have some fun, eat some good food and laugh.  I asked the man if my mom worked there for someone.

He said – no, she does it for no money at all.  She just wants to help the people.

This is my personal inspiration from my Mom who taught me what it means to give.